onsdag 17 juni 2015


Greetings fellow Khadorans, Cyrissists and other Warmachine & Hordes players!

My name is Olov Winroth and I'm starting this blog to share my thoughts on the game and the factions I'm playing, as well as battle reports, tactics, army building and more.

So who am I? I'm a competitive Warmachine & Hordes player from Sweden. I started playing this game spring 2013, so I'm relatively fresh to this game, but I have a long history of miniature games behind me. This one is the best by far I have ever played though.

I was proud to represent Sweden at last years WTC in Szczyrk, Poland. The team went 5-1 and ended up on 6th place while my personal score was 4-2, all in all an awesome experience. More recently I managed to qualify for the Iron Gauntlet World Finals at Lock n Load, where things didn't go so well, but it was a really cool experience none the less and it fueled my hunger to get better and perhaps make a comeback next year.


I have played Khador since I first tried this game out and they are still my go-to faction most of the time. I have dabbled in other factions, but my heart always returns to the Motherland. They fit my playstyle of 'Keep calm and carry on', which is important when you play Khador, as losses are unavoidable. But to incur losses most enemies have to get withing axe's reach and that is exactly where you want them!

My second faction is Convergence of Cyriss. The thought of a brand new faction where the Jacks are primarily the highlight with some light recursion, both things that Khador doesn't really do, drew me in and have held me since. I have played my Khador more or less without pause since I started this game, but now when the IG Finals are over I will switch over to Convergence for a while, which is why this isn't a Khador-only blog.

So, that is all for now! If you have any questions you want to ask me, please just go ahead, I will be delighted to answer them :)

I'm planning to post a battlereport from our latest big tournament here in Sweden and also a Khador-centric post discussing Reckoning releases and the state of Khador. So you can expect some activity from me soon.

Hope to see you!

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